Anxious Homoeroticsm

  • Sherlock, series 2: This is your heart, and you should never let it rule your head.
  • Sherlock, series 3: I will completely fuck up everything, miss important deductions, and sacrifice my own life and freedom because I love John Watson so much.
  • krnflx:

Sometimes when I need to smile, I google that ridiculously amazing name…I usually find beautiful photos but sometimes, sometimes I find gold.
"Okay. The smoking. How did you know?"
"The evidence is right under your nose, John. As ever you see but do not observe."
"Observe what?"
"The ashtray."
Behind the scenes of The Fifth Estate
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    I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me, not that I’ve been thinking about those two things in the context of the other, now allow me to viciously direct my resentment for romantic feelings on this person who has them, not me though I don’t do feelings, this was all very unemotional and apathetic of me bye now



let’s just take a moment to appreciate this transition

Homoeroticism + camp + horror + high art = Mark Gatiss.

Sherlock’s finest attire.
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