Anxious Homoeroticsm

I’ve disappointed you.

Lazy doodles.


facts that people manage to miss despite being made abundantly clear by the dialogue:

  • john is sherlock’s only pressure point
  • irene is a self-identified lesbian
  • john’s orientation is unconfirmed other than him not being exclusively attracted to men
  • sherlock wasn’t conscious to be able to know who called his ambulance
  • mycroft and sherlock love each other


I used to read a lot of books, but now I just read Johnlock fanfiction: a memoir



What can we deduce from this photoshoot?

john is like “wait, do i need to enable international keyboards to access iphone graphical emoji” and sherlock is like “that is a fine specimen of a man. he is a mighty fine specimen. look at his ass. look at it… if only i had the courage to touch it right this moment. touch it, old boy. touch it.” meanwhile “oh yeah, i just hit the world icon and there we go, that’s where all the cat emoji are”


  • Shipping is the act of enjoying the idea of two characters being in a romantic relationship with each other.
  • The vast majority of the time, you can’t be wrong about shipping. Because shipping is enjoying the idea of two characters being in a romantic relationship with each…


i dont get how someone can call sherlock a sociopath literally all he is is a 35 year old man that misses his dog


Sally Donovan in S4 getting the promotion she’s been dreaming about for years and when Sherlock and John walk into a crime scene Sherlock says something like ”Ah, Sergeant Donovan, here we are again” and Sally just raises an eyebrow and shows Sherlock her badge before correcting him smoothly with a ”Detective Inspector Donovan”



“The key difference between Sherlock and Elementary comes down to the way each show treats its protagonist. Everything in Sherlock revolves around Sherlock. He is the series’ sole reason for existing, and the dynamic remains frozen in amber….